Victor Orozco Ramirez
He graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from the University of Guadalajara and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Hamburg Germany with a master’s degree in the area of documentary film. He founded Gremiodise├▒o (Design and Art laboratory) in 1999. Until 2012 he organized in Germany, Ecuador and Mexico the film festival “ambulart”, a cultural project which is aim to foment a film exchange between Germany and Latin-American. He has directed a variety of animation and documentary short films.


  • Tatei-Kie detr├ís de la cortina (Tatei-Kie behind the courtain), 2008 Mexico / Germany
  • La letra con sangre entra (Spare the blood, spoil the child), 2005 Germany / Mexico
  • El teatro de la crueldad (Theatre of cruelty), 2004 Germany
  • Squarehead 2003 Germany
  • Mexico Hazme Santito (Make me a saint), 2002 Mexico
  • Historia sin fin(Endless history), 2001 Mexico